Top 6 Online Education Platforms in India in 2023

With the pandemic leaving too much time to spare, the feeling of doing too little and too much spare time corrodes the mind of every student and professional in and out of jobs. The digital transformation led to massive changes in mindset as people understood that there’s a lot to learn while staying home. That’s where online learning platforms come in, leaving a scope of non-stop progress in every aspect of learners’ careers. Here we are going to talk about the best online education platforms in India in 2023.

Online Education Platforms in India

Since the adoption rate of online learning platforms has improved a lot, it is seen that these e-learning platforms are yet to be understood by an average learner. That is why we are here to explain what’s the tea. Without further ado, let’s explore the best e-learning courses for students from all walks of life. So these are top e learning websites.

Below are best Online Education platforms

1. WhiteHat Jr

Best E-Learning Platform

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Certified by: Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and 160+ others

Best for: Kids to +2 Students for learning coding and logical skills

It is the best online education platform in 2023 if you are looking for coding teaching. WhiteHat Jr specifically introduces and prepares kids from 6-14 years for the coding world. They learn the fundamentals of coding–logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking–to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps.

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Whitehat Jr doesn’t believe in creating a stressful experience for customers and their children by scaring them into buying their product. Our mission is to help children fall in love with coding.

They are dedicated to building best-in-class coding education with the world’s first coding curriculum with BIDE Model integrated with Bloom’s Taxonomy and a dedicated focus on STEAM learning methodology.

Best E-Learning Platforms

2. Udemy

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Certified by: The platform itself

Best for: Technical knowledge, hobbies, virtual skill sets

Since we are talking about the best online learning platforms, it doesn’t get better than Udemy. It is clearly the champion of the e-learning category and its business mechanism in a nutshell focuses on just one thing – keeping the learning spark alive. From developing their careers to making the most of their hobbies, students can access Udemy as a one-stop shop for courses of all kinds. The best part is that they are incredibly inexpensive and cost less than a conventional e-learning platform. Be it digital marketing, sourdough baking, or public speaking, all the courses at Udemy are certified.

Udemy empowers the corporate L&D mechanisms in enhancing their workforce’s skill sets. Organizations like Lyft, Adidas, and GM use Udemy’s business plans to upskill their employees. With an astonishing amount of 80000+ courses, it might feel that these courses may lose out on quality. But they are scrutinized and analyzed along with the instructor’s profile and experience before making it on the Udemy portal. Over 20 million learners are making the most of Udemy as a platform, with 35000 instructors showcasing their courses on it so far.

Udemy is affordable, some content is free, and students get a massive amount of options to choose from. There’s a well-oiled refund policy in place for learners if they back out in the right conditions. The certificates of completion are available for free. The quality of the course must be thoroughly checked by the learners though, as quality control is not possible to a micro-extent in such a large catalog.


3. SkillShare

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Certified by: Millions of teachers across the world

Best for: Creative development, analytical skills, productivity & lifestyle

While it’s one thing to scour through an e-learning platform for skills to spice up your resume, it’s another to actually learn something valuable and implement it in work and life. Skillshare is all about constructive learning of stuff that the students are rather passionate about. In the words of Elon Musk, your degree is as good as a piece of paper – it’s your skills that make you who you are. At SkillShare, students have the access to carefully picked classes that unravel their creative, mechanical, and psychological prowess. With thousands of highly qualified professors, theologists, and life coaches on the platform, there is too much to learn.


Students specializing in creative fields like writing, art, animation, and graphic designing can gradually master their trade with experienced professionals emanating wise tips and tricks for upskilling. While there’s no plagued ‘certificate’ up for grabs, students can share their progress and skills obtained on their portfolio. Our favorite classes are the lifestyle and productivity ones, which give an essence of peace in learning something as simple as journaling and decluttering in life.

4. Upgrad

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Certified by: Ivy league Indian Institutes and Universities

Best for: Professionals with < 3 years of experience at work

As a homegrown Indian online learning platform, Upgrad shot well above its weight category with a comprehensive mechanism that has launched well. As of now, it is Southeast Asia’s largest ed-tech company and empowers millions of learners with new skill sets. What started back in 2015 explicitly for the Indian audience has now gone global with offerings from around the world. Ranging from test preparation material to a recruitment mechanism for organizations, Upgrad also provides job placements to its learners.


With a forte in professional certifications and courses, Upgrad has linked up with prestigious Ivy league institutes like MICA, BITS, and IITs to offer the best of faculty to their audience. The course prices vary, with many courses being free and some bachelor’s and master’s degree programs on the cards too.

5. Unacademy

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Certified by: The platform itself

Best for: Indian competitive exams, middle school to high school

Unacademy gave the Indian subcontinent its first taste of an online learning platform and while it might not have started as the best, it has got a lot better than how it was. With a niche of Indian competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, UPSC, GATE, Bank Exams, and more, many aspirants in remote locations found their gurukul that doesn’t make their travel to urban cities for studies. This is best for online classes for kids.

4. Byju’s Classes

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Certified by: The platform itself

Best for: School students from class IV to X

One of the well-known & best e-learning platforms in India. Byju’s came to life not only because of their poster boy but due to their comprehensive learning mechanism which covers the problem points of any grade IV to X student. The platform, which is exclusive to India, was the first one to market an online learning platform at its finest. A problem that parents and students faced was a lack of personal attention, and Byju solved that with a two-teacher study pattern – wherein one teacher shall explain the concepts and another shall more personally cater to individual students’ needs. They provide one of the top e learning classes in India.

With digital transformation making study-from-home a necessity, parents had to adopt a routine-based study pattern which is where Byju’s helped a lot in progressive education. Byju’s methodology is proven to work as per their mechanics, and we believe that if your young ones need to get back to learning – a demo class from Byju’s would help you clear things out.

All set for your Online Education platform experience?

As the world stands still, the best thing for an individual’s career is that it keeps moving ahead. These were the best e-learning platforms available for people across the globe and they make a good fit for learners of Indian demography too. Do remember to research thoroughly before splashing the cash on a platform.