Top Places To Visit in Manipur

Manipur, known as the “Land of Jewels,” has a distinct geographical variety and incredible natural treasures that are a joy to explore. Learn more about the area’s pristine environs, which include sweeping hills, rocky terrain, lush meadows, mesmerizing waterfalls, fragrant tea gardens, glistening streams, and more. Additionally, this little state in the northeast provides an opportunity to explore its unique past, lively customs, and delectable cuisine that are unquestionably amazing. To make your research easier, we’ve included all the best travel highlights of this northeastern gem, from the most endearing spots to visit in Manipur to the state’s top tourist attractions.


Essentially the place you would need to possess; covered with thick backwoods and moving slopes, Manipur is a land that can paralyze you with everything that it has on offer. This Northeastern state is multi-lingual, and is blessed with particular established move, delectable cooking and customary atmosphere that exhaust like a lit incense stick in consecrated holy places. Manipur is a wonderful goal in India that can both bewilder and vivify the explorers. Here is our blog that demonstrations like a travel manual for guarantee that you don’t pass up a major opportunity for anything that merits seeing and encountering while on your Manipur visit.

Spots to Visit in Manipur


Img50You get a stimulating feel, while in the city of Imphal that are pounded and throbbed by energetic group all as the day progressed. The city is regularly jumbled with merchants pitching very fascinating things to purchase like flavors, manikins and ngari, an aged fish. In any case, you will encounter euphoria in Imphal as it is likewise a beautiful city that has rich legacy locales specking it. Maybe, Imphal can be esteemed as one of the main vacationer goals in India since it offers everything from culture to nature, and from untamed life to enterprise to every one of its guests.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Ema Keithel (Mother’s Market)
  • Loktak Lake
  • Red Hill Lokpaching
  • Kangla Fort
  • Sirohi National Park
  • Manipur State Museum
  • Sekta Archeological Living Museum
  • Manipur Zoological Gardens
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park
  • Jama Masjid
  • Shree Govindajee Temple
  • Khonghampat Orchidarium
  • Matai Garden


Img51Embellished with lavish woodlands and sprawling fields, Bishnupur is a popularpilgrimage goal in Manipur. This sacred town has numerous wondrous sanctuaries and relics. Here, the pioneers and voyagers can invest energy investigating the religious fortunes in sanctuaries like Pancha Ratana, Susunia Pahar, Dal Madol, Shyamrai Temple, Jor Bangla Temple. Aside from the sanctuary visit in Bishnupur, in the event that you go further, around 25 kilometers, you can likewise visit the popular vacation spot, Keibul Lamjao National Park situated close to the Loktak Lake.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Rasmancha
  • Jor Bangla Temple
  • Pancha Ratana Temple
  • Dal Madol
  • Susunia Pahar
  • Shyamrai Temple
  • Siddheswar Temple
  • Radha Shyam Temple
  • Sridhara Temple


Img52You will for unquestionably feel excited investigating Thoubal, which offers a marvelous perspective of Imphal city and River Thoubal from its most astounding point. The excellence of this modest town lies in the adjusted bamboo trees, and the Louis Lake, where you can appreciate sailing. You can likewise visit the Thoubal Market to get a few trinkets, and invest a quality energy in the midst of nature in the region of Ikop Lake.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Thoubal River
  • Imphal River
  • Ikop Lake
  • Waithou Lake
  • Individuals’ Museum
  • Louis Lake
  • Thoubal Bazar
  • Khongjom War Memorial

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Img53This curious little villa, Ukhrul resembles a much needed refresher. This is a pleasant goal that helps one to remember an English wide open; actually, it is surely one of those spots where you can sentiment with your accomplice. Ukhrul is likewise a standout amongst other climbing goals in Manipur, as it has trekking trails that are scenic to the point that you may never need to return. While here, there are other pleasant destinations to keep one went with.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Khayang Peak
  • Shirui Kashung Peak
  • Kachou Phung Lake
  • Khangkhui Cave
  • Shirui Kashung
  • Hundung Mangva Cave
  • Nillai Tea Estate
  • Ango Ching


Img54In spite of its incredible misfortune and decimation because of the assaulting by the Japanese, Churachandpur has figured out how to keep in place its faultless excellence. Indeed, even today, the place is perfect for a get-away in Manipur. Churchandpur is the second biggest city in the state and has a profound authentic hugeness. The city safeguards a vast segment of its rich history in its Tuibuong Tribal Museum.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Ngaloi Falls
  • Tuibuong Tribal Museum
  • Tonglon Cave
  • Khuga Dam
  • Tipaimukh


Img55Come go out for a stroll in the midst of the dreamlike nature in Senapati, a lesser known goal in Manipur. Its beautiful scene decorated with shining serpentine streams and tough mountains make for a place that is no not as much as a paradise on earth. Senapati likewise stores different verdure, and is yet another best climbing goal in Manipur. Be that as it may, while you are here, invest energy relaxing in the greens and in the midst of the greeneries , and tune in to the ideal tune of the nature.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Mao
  • Yangkhullen
  • Dzuko Valley
  • Liyai
  • Purul
  • Maram Khullen
  • Makhel Cave
  • Sadu Chiru Waterfalls


Img56Amid your visit in Manipur, Tamenglong is one of the must visit places. Also, the response to what makes Tamenglong a heaven for voyagers looking for ecstasy, is the nearness of delightful blend of uncommon herbs, flavors, waterfalls, lakes and knolls. It is a place that many individuals get a kick out of the chance to call ‘the place that is known for the Hornbill’ the same number of types of this colorful fledgling can be found here. Tamenglong’s excellence is with the end goal that any nature darling would need to settle here, to put it plainly, this place to find in Manipur is the Mecca for nature sweethearts.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Zeilad Lake
  • Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Barak Waterfalls
  • Kisha Khou
  • Tharon Cave
  • Buning Meadow


Img56 1Chandel much like Tamenglong gleams with rich greens, therefore giving a haven to different uncommon types of creatures. While here, you can visit the Yaingangpokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary which is an ideal goal for natural life sweethearts lodging a huge assortment of uncommon widely varied vegetation. Other real vacation spot in Chandel is Tengnoupal, where the nature darlings can get a kick out of the picturesque excellence. Likewise, a visit to Moreh must not be missed, as here you can visit a market that is shared by India and Myanmar.

Spots of Tourism Interest:

  • Moreh
  • Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tengnoupal

Things to Do in Manipur

Drifting in Loktak Lake

Img57Comprising of numerous little islands and phumdis, Loktak Lake is one of its kind fascination in Manipur. This freshwater lake is 48 kms in the southern Manipur and is a broadly gone by put and is essentially known for its drifting swaps/phumdis. The Lake is likewise home to the most well known national stop in Manipur, Keibul Lam Jao. In Loktak Lake, an unquestionable requirement thing to do is drifting, which turns out to be a restoring action. Explorers going to the lake, aside from respecting the excellence paddling from island to island, can likewise get a look at different bright fish species and appreciate the magnificence of picturesque setting of mountains that are spread far and wide.

Shop in the Moreh-Tamu International Market

Img58To witness an intriguing scene in Manipur, you should visit Moreh-Tamu International Market, which obviously is arranged on Indo-Myanmar Border. Shopping in Moreh-Tamu International Market will overpower you as it is outfitted with a one of a kind scope of diners, neighborhood artworks and natural vegetables. Its murmuring exercises begins from dawn; and keeping in mind the end goal to reach here, you should travel 110 km from Imphal. You will get a lot of neighborhood taxis from the capital city for this place.

Visit the Keibul Lamjao National Park

Img59Situated at the southeastern piece of the Loktak Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park is the place you can see a novel types of Eld’s deer/Brow-antlered deer which have honey bee recorded as jeopardized by the IUCN. This delightful creature was first found in Manipur in 1839. Also, this evergreen timberland is an earthly land that comprises of different creatures like hoard deer, wild pig, expansive Indian civet, sound bamboo rodent, musk vixen. Furthermore, the avifaunal species, for example, East Himalayan pied kingfisher, dark kite, lesser sky-songbird, northern slope myna, Burmese pied myna can likewise be found here. Nonetheless, what influences Keibul To lam Jao outstanding amongst other spots to visit in Manipur is the way that this natural life goal has been labeled as the main ‘Drifting National Park’ on the planet. Sounds intriguing? All things considered, you should design a visit here to take in the mystery behind the skimming park hypothesis and obviously to savor the assorted variety and excellence of this place.

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