Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets: Start Date, Transport & Hospitality Packages

Get ready for the Paris 2024 Olympics with our comprehensive guide, covering everything from ticket purchases to accommodation. Planning to visit Paris for the Summer Olympics in 2024? Here’s everything you need to know about Paris Olympics 2024 tickets, hospitality, and transportation.

The 33rd Summer Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in Paris in 2024. It is expected to be a spectacular event, with a lot happening. To help you make the most of it, here is a handy guide that provides all the essential information you need to know about the Paris Olympics 2024.

When are the Paris 2024 Olympics?  

The Paris Summer Olympics will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024, followed by the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 6.

How many times has Paris hosted the Olympics?

Paris will be hosting the Olympics for the third time in 2024. The first time Paris hosted the Olympics was back in 1900, and the second time was in 1924. Paris became the first city to host two separate Olympics in 1924. Therefore, the 2024 Games will coincide with the 100th anniversary of Paris hosting the Olympics for the second time.

Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets

Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets
Paris Olympics 2024 tickets

The official ballots for Paris 2024 tickets have already been held. But don’t worry if you didn’t register or weren’t successful in getting a ticket, as there will be more opportunities to buy tickets. According to the official Paris 2024 ticketing website, tickets for sessions will be regularly put on sale. The maximum number of tickets available per person will depend on the sport, with either four or six tickets being the limit.

Visit the official Paris 2024 Games ticketing website to get all the information you need about Olympic and Paralympic tickets. Looking for Paris football Olympics tickets? Buy Here:

Keep checking the Paris 2024 Olympic ticketing site to see what’s available.

Hospitality Packages during the Paris 2024 Olympics

Choose your hospitality experiences and take your Paris 2024 trip to the next level!
Use your Visa, the official way to pay.

Risk of Fraud in Olympics Tickets

It is important to note that buying tickets or hospitality packages from sources other than the official channels may result in the buyer not receiving their tickets or packages, or having them canceled by the Paris 2024 organizing committee in accordance with the terms and conditions. Additionally, it is important to know that selling or reselling tickets outside the official channels is considered an offense under French law.

What is the difference between tickets and hospitality packages?

Tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are sold exclusively on the official ticketing website and allow fans to attend one or multiple events.

Hospitality offers standard or customized packages that include guaranteed tickets, access to on-site hospitality venues, as well as travel, accommodation, or other activities. These packages are exclusively available through On Location and its sub-distributors network.

Best Transport for Paris Olympics 2024

Paris’ metro system, with its 16 lines and over 300 stations, will be the most efficient way to travel during the Games.

Olympics 2024
Paris Summer Olympics 2024

Single metro tickets are currently priced at €2.10 each. However, it has been announced that the tickets will almost double in price during the games. To save some money, you can buy a rechargeable Navigo pass that comes preloaded with journeys. Currently, ten journeys are priced at €22, but during the Games, they will cost €32. The Navigo pass can also be used on some train, bus, and tram lines.

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