7 Best Ways to Get Facebook Followers in 1 Month

Do you want to find out how to increase your Facebook followers? A great way to increase brand awareness is to expand your business page. However, it’s more difficult than ever to gain more fans as a result of recent algorithm changes. Here we are going to tell you how to get followers on Facebook in 1 month.

In order to help you generate more leads and boost your sales, we’ll share some sincere strategies in this article for gaining new Facebook followers.

Before we begin, I want to make a distinction between sponsored followers on Facebook and actual followers. With just a few hours, hundreds of websites with robot and spam account followers will like your Facebook page, according to any type of Google search. And if you do that, your Facebook page will be destroyed. Facebook’s algorithm, as you can see, searches for these kinds of actions. Additionally, they will penalize you if they discover that your page is engaging in a fast fix. Going forward, your organic reach will be limited, and your page won’t ever reach its full potential if it wasn’t constructed properly.

Now, just because we’re talking about actual followers doesn’t imply you didn’t pay for them. You’ll be paying Facebook in its place. because Facebook has evolved into a network where businesses must pay to play. They merely want to confirm that they are receiving payment from you and not another party. When I say that you’ll pay for them, I mean that you’ll spend money on promotions to entice them.

For this, you’ll need both time and money. It is still doable if you expect to be able to do it for free, but it is absurdly unlikely that you will be able to finish it in the allotted amount of time.

Before we start, a little observation. You have the option of “boosting” your Facebook page, which will draw others to like and follow it. On average, it costs between 50 cents and $5 to attract one follower to like your page. This approach is not that one. Instead, we’ll aim for a cost per new follower that is significantly lower than 5 cents.

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Below are a few steps to get Facebook Followers Page in 1 Month

Step 1

First, you should choose an audience that has a sizeable associated population. You should pick who will follow your Facebook profile, in other words. And you’ll want to make sure there are enough of them to justify the following count of 250,000. Choose dog owners when building a Facebook page for dog owners. Choose bald chihuahua owners who do not reside in Arizona. You won’t ever build up the following you want because of that second audience’s incredibly modest size.

Once you’ve located them, you should make a saved audience for them in the Facebook advertisements platform. I advise making a dozen different versions of the audience and using various methods to target them. For instance, you can pick visitors who enjoy dog-related pages. You might also aim for users who follow other well-known dog pages. Even targeting people based on their purchasing patterns is possible. So, come up with a couple of distinct strategies for addressing dog owners (again, the target market we’re using as an example).

Step 2

Create a Facebook page for yourself and fill it out completely. Additionally, I advise starting an Instagram page at the same time because your Facebook actions can have a lot of positive spillover effects on Instagram. For instance, with absolutely no additional effort, one of my Facebook pages surpassed the milestone of 250,000 followers, and my Instagram page attracted 30,000 followers in the same period.

Step 3

Now that you know what your audience is interested in, you should research it. Visit pages that appeal to your target audience and take note of the posts that are being published there. Learn which ones are receiving the most shares and likes. After that, schedule those posts on your page’s posting calendar. You should source as many of these postings as you can, for example, if you see that people interact with lovely pictures of dogs frequently (which they do). You should also incorporate posts regarding training techniques because these might potentially be interesting to them (and they are).

You should aim to post between 4 and 6 times daily on average. A few days should be spent adding posts to your page before you begin any kind of promotion. The page will appear to have been around for a while in this manner. People are more likely to follow your page if they can see some history.

Step 4

Now, you should promote each and every post you make. I advise sticking to a little amount for each post. This often costs $5 to $10. And you should only raise them for a single day.

Images will garner the most reactions (likes, loves, laughs), shares, and comments, to provide you a fast cheat sheet. Videos will get a lot of views but not as many clicks. When it comes to the number of individuals you can contact for the same amount of money, updates come in third and link shares come in last. So I would initially devote the majority of your time to image posts.

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Step 5

You will be boosting each post since you want to find the extremes in terms of cost per engagement. Some postings can cost as little as 10 cents per engagement, while others can cost as much as $1 every engagement (in which case it would be a poor post). However, a select few will be fortunate enough to earn less than two cents and even pennies per engagement. You are looking for these people. Find the posts that performed remarkably well in terms of cost per engagement when you scan the data, and then return to those posts and give them a budget bump.

Spend all you want, but keep an eye out for decreasing returns. Over time, they eventually begin to cost more for each engagement. Additionally, each post’s capacity for boosting differs. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on some posts, while other posts lose their effectiveness after 50 bucks.

Step 6

You must now begin expanding your fan base. Depending on some of your promotions, people may have liked and followed your page. However, the quickest way to gain new fans is to browse the comments left on your posts, choose the people who commented, and then send them a free “like” invitation. Each account has a different cap on the number of people they can invite each day.

To boost the number of invitations you can send out, I’d suggest adding a few admins to your page. When I first started doing this, for instance, I would make my wife’s Facebook account an admin on my pages, and then after I was finished, I would have her go through and invite her daily limit. I’d advise using any acquaintances, family members, or coworkers you may have.

Since you were able to acquire their reactions to your page for pennies, if not less, and you can invite them for free, you’ve essentially decreased your cost to nearly nothing for a new follower. This will allow you to gain thousands of followers for very little cost.

Step 7

You carry on in this manner day after day for a month. You should now begin “raising” your page, as I described above, at around the two-week mark. You should now be able to get your purchased followers down below 20 cents if you have a strong following and interesting material, and you’re appropriately targeting your audience. Don’t start that campaign if you can’t. It isn’t worthwhile.

And in just under a month, you may gain more than 250,000 followers using this method. As I previously stated, my team and I have successfully completed the task several times. It does require a lot of work, and your budget for Facebook paid to advertise will probably be in the range of $5,000 to $10,000.

Also, if you’re debating if it’s worthwhile. Without a doubt, the answer is yes. For every $5 to $20 invested, I could reach 1,000 individuals if I were to just promote a post to my intended audience on Facebook. My average post reaches over 150,000 people every time I publish, and I have a 250,000-person readership. I can cover my fees in a few weeks if I post 4 to 10 times daily.

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