Best PS4 Games You Should Play in 2024

Few best PS4 games are still great fun and worthy of your time.

The PS4 has a great library of games that are still worth playing, even if you own a PS5. You can also enjoy these games on your PS5, so they are still accessible. These games offer gripping adventures, beautiful visuals, and unforgettable stories, providing you with many entertainment options.

10 Best PS4 Games in 2024

Here are five of the best PS4 games of all time that you shouldn’t miss if you own a PS4.

1. FIFA 23

The last entry in EA’s football series is the best PS4 sports game.

Fifa23 Best Ps4 Game In 2024
fifa23 is best PS4 game in 2024

The FIFA series is a must-have for any sports game lover, and FIFA 23 is no exception. This is the last game that EA can release under the FIFA name, as the original license has now expired. That makes FIFA 23 the best way to experience your soccer gaming fantasy, including taking your favorite real-life players to the pitch.

Existing fans will enjoy the gameplay changes that give the game a fresh feel, while anyone who loves football will find plenty of modes to enjoy near-photorealistic soccer with.

2. Death Stranding

Deliver packages in an eerily beautiful apocalyptic wasteland.

Death Standing
Death Standing

Hideo Kojima, the famous game designer, released his first independent game called Death Stranding. This action-adventure game has gained the nickname ‘Postman Pat Simulator’ among players. In the game, you assume the role of Sam Porter-Bridges, a bold courier who walks across a post-apocalyptic America to deliver goods to people in need.

Death Stranding is essentially a wayfinding simulation that may test your patience; rappelling down a mountain with a swaying stack of boxes on Sam’s back is a genuine challenge, unlike anything we’ve ever played before.

Death Stranding is a unique and beautiful game. The main character, Sam, played by Norman Reedus, is rendered perfectly. The snow-capped mountains and grassy fields you travel through exude an uncanny calmness. However, the game can also be tense as you encounter monsters, leading to some intense stealth. Kojima’s signature style is evident in the incredibly detailed worldbuilding, making Death Stranding one of the best PS4 games. It’s a game like no other.

3. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal

The newest addition to the Doom series is an exhilarating shooter that will thrill both long-time fans and newcomers alike. It’s a fast-paced, noisy game that gives you a true sense of power. In the game, you play as Doom Guy and you must battle your way through various arenas filled with monsters while being accompanied by a pounding heavy-metal soundtrack.

With Doom Eternal, shooter fans get a smooth, stylish adventure that’s still distinctively Doom, heavy metal attitude, and all – read our full Doom Eternal review for more details.

Doom Eternal features incredibly detailed and gruesome depictions of its kills, which should excite any horror fan. The game pushes the PS4 hardware to its limits, resulting in some truly astounding visuals. The gameplay is fast-paced and smooth, making you feel incredibly powerful while still providing a decent challenge. You can enhance and customize Doom Guy in several ways, giving you plenty of reasons to keep playing even after completing the main story.

4. Dreams PS4 Game

Dreams Ps4 Game
Dreams ps4 game

“Dreams” is not just a game, but rather a platform for creation. As the only game development tool available for consoles that offers such a wide range of features, it demonstrates that the best PS4 games are not only meant for playing but also for inspiring creativity.

Dreams is a tool for you to create your own games. It teaches you game development with its toolset in a playful way, and you also get to play the games its large community of creators has made, a seemingly infinite pool of ideas and gameplay experiences for you to peruse.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Game

Spiderman Ps4 Game
spiderman ps4 game

In this game, you get to play as one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes and journey through the streets of New York City. Spider-Man is back since the PS2 era, and the controls for this game feel great. You can swing around buildings or attack enemies with your acrobatic moves. This open-world action adventure offers some of the best gameplay in the genre.

 6. Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Release date: June 19, 2020
  • Time to platinum: 70 hours
  • Trophy difficulty: 5/10

“Red Dead Redemption 2 is undeniably one of the best games available on PS4. It is a masterpiece created by Rockstar, showcasing the exceptional level of gameplay that they are capable of producing. To describe it as a mere ‘story’ would be an understatement, as it is a tale that follows Arthur Morgan’s life. The game portrays the fading world of the old West remarkably, and the reactions of the characters living in that peculiar space are incredibly realistic.”

What sells it is the level of interaction. You can react to everyone and everything, creating emergent scenarios, unlike anything I’ve ever played. You can choose to go out hunting, exploring, playing poker, or just journeying for days and days, ignoring the magnetic figure of Butch and his Van der Lind gang that you call family if you so choose.

7. The Last of Us Part II

  • Release date: June 19, 2020
  • Time to platinum: 30 hours

Because The Last of Us Part II is so contentious, we almost do not want to discuss it. This game is great, in my opinion, but it is obviously not for everyone. Certain narrative decisions it makes run counter to the bonds you forge and the comfort you discover in the first game. The Last of Us Part II served as a devastating reminder of our mortality to the TrueTrophies team and me.

It served as a reminder that, in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, we are not superheroes but rather individuals trying to survive in a world populated by infected, ghoulish creatures and the much, much worse humans that call the American states home.

8. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

  • Release date: August 30, 2016

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is an exceptional game that, like “Red Dead Redemption 2”, surpasses every other open-world fantasy RPG. The protagonist, Geralt, is a gravel-voiced witcher who hunts monsters on “The Continent”. Despite being paid to protect various communities, he is ostracized from them. Geralt finds comfort in the company of other outcasts, including witches, witchers, and his semi-daughter, Ciri.

A young girl starts an adventure that will lead you through exciting quests, such as the famous story of the Red Baron, the Skillige islands, and the streets of Novigrad and Oxenfurt. Along the way, you’ll visit every inn, whether it’s on a windy hill or in the swampy bogs, to search for Gwent cards.

The combat system in this game is excellent and has many exciting features such as armor, weapons, potions, and more. However, the creatures that you will encounter during combat are what make this game truly outstanding. They add an exceptional level of richness to the overall gameplay experience. In addition, the side quests in the game are utterly fantastic, the main storyline is compelling, and the environments are beautifully designed, each telling its own tale.

9. Persona 5 Royal

  • Release date: March 31, 2020

Collecting Persona 5 Royal trophies is a real treat for fans of Japanese role-playing games. The game features a compelling story, engaging characters, over-the-top boss fights, insane enemy designs, a great soundtrack, and a slice-of-life element that keeps you on your toes. There’s a lot to explore in the game’s slick and stylish world, and you’ll never be bored. Atlus has thought about everything, so you’ll need to complete two playthroughs to experience everything the game has to offer.

10. God of War (2018)

Best Ps4 Games — The Top Ps4 Games To Play In March 2024 Video
  • Release date: April 20, 2018

The 2018 entry in the God of War series by Santa Monica was a huge success. It not only revived the franchise but also saved the studio. The game is set in a world of Norse mythology and features Kratos paired with his son, Atreus. The director, Cory Barlog, made a brilliant decision by choosing this semi-open world adventure theme that perfectly captures the setting and themes of the game. Kratos’ Leviathan axe slams into strange new enemies with satisfying impact before coming straight back to you.

“The sense of scale in this game is epic, the narrative is compelling, and the level design is utterly perfect. The one-take camera shot adds to the sense of this game being an event experience, making it one of the purest cases of out-and-out video game fun on this list. The manageable list of God of War trophies cements its place as one of the best games available on PS4.”

What games are worth buying on PS4?

Though preferences differ, many people enjoy old Sony exclusives that are still frequently superior on the PS4 than the PC versions. But here we recommend Marvel’s Spider-ManGod of War Ragnarok, and The Last of Us 2.

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