Jeezy Files for Divorce from Jeannie Mai Jenkins After 2 Years of Marriage

The co-host of ‘The Real’ and her husband, a popular rapper, tied the knot in 2021. They are also blessed with a daughter named Monaco, who is currently 20 months old.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai Jenkins are calling it quits.

According to documents obtained by PEOPLE, the rapper, aged 45, has filed for divorce from The Real host, aged 44, in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple had been married for two and a half years and had a prenuptial agreement in place.

According to Jeezy’s court filing, the former couple is currently residing in a genuine state of separation. The filing further asserts that their marriage is irreparably fractured, leaving no possibility of reconciliation.

Jeezy And Jeannie Mai

The document also says that the rapper wants to share joint legal custody of the pair’s daughter.

Reps for each did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was first to report the news.

Jenkins and Jeezy, originally known as Jay Jenkins, exchanged vows in March 2021 in their Atlanta residence. Their family expanded with the arrival of their daughter, Monaco, in January 2022.

In March, the couple marked their two-year anniversary with an unforgettable trip to Vietnam. Jenkins, being the thoughtful partner, had meticulously planned this long-awaited adventure for her husband.

“When Jeezy and I first met, we instantly connected through the shared aspects and unique facets of our respective cultures,” she shared with PEOPLE. “Now, with our daughter in the picture, the blending of our worlds takes on an even deeper significance as we embark on the enriching journey of experiencing Vietnam together as a loving, multicultural family.”

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Originally, Jeezy had intended to propose to his significant other in Hoi An, Vietnam in April 2020. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances of the COVID pandemic, his plans had to be altered and the trip had to be cancelled.

“When Jeezy proposed to me, he transformed his condo into a picturesque replication of Hoi An. The profound symbolism became even more poignant when we finally set foot in Hoi An during our anniversary vacation,” Jenkins reminisced.

The couple first met on the set of Jenkins’ daytime talk show The Real, and quietly started dating in November 2018. They eventually took their romance public in August 2019.

“In our life journeys, we have endured enough to bond over the belief that love should embody safety, honesty, and purity,” Jenkins conveyed to PEOPLE in November. “Right from the start, there was an irresistible allure between us. We are immensely drawn to each other’s passions for making a difference. And because we both derive immense joy from our individual purposes, we are determined to find a way to fulfil them together.”

During her appearance as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars in 2020, Jenkins paid tribute to Jeezy on Disney night by performing a captivating dance choreographed to the enchanting melody of “Married Life” from the beloved Disney-Pixar film Up.

Ahead of the performance, the Holey Moley reporter said her “entire life took a turn” when she met Jeezy, and that Up was a special movie for the pair.

“I played the movie Up for him when we were dating. It symbolizes how I envision growing old together,” she expressed. Adding further, “I intentionally selected this particular dance as it represents the love of my life, J. From the moment we met, I couldn’t help but imagine our journey starting like this… When I met J, I knew deep down that our happily ever after was meant to be.”

Jenkins opened up about married life to Entertainment Tonight in 2021, saying it felt “1,000 percent different” than dating, “in the greatest way.”

“Iasured our dating life, as it provided us with dedicated, high-quality moments to truly connect and ensure compatibility,” she shared thoughtfully. “Now, as a married couple, we approach our relationship with even greater thoughtfulness and care, considering our past experiences with unhealthy marriages during our upbringing. We have never witnessed a positive example of a thriving marriage until now.”

The star was also transparent about the difficulties she faced in her first year of motherhood, including her breastfeeding struggles and a scary bout with postpartum anxiety.

“In December,” she shared with PEOPLE, “that little person truly opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on the world. It’s amazing how much my daughter empowers me. As a mother, I have grown to appreciate myself even more. Every morning, I feel a sense of fulfillment as I care for her and witness her grasp the concepts we’ve diligently taught her. It’s an incredible achievement that I never fully comprehended before.”

In a June interview with PEOPLE, she emphasized their shared “family first” mindset. As they navigated the demands of parenthood and bustling careers, they often relied on the support of relatives to care for their daughter. Jeezy, a father to two children from prior relationships, echoed this sentiment.

“We have no problem calling somebody up to be like, ‘We’re dropping her off’ or ‘Coming in 30 minutes,’” she said.

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