Things to Know About China’s immense Sci-Fi Airport: Daxing International Airport

The excitement is really getting around Beijing’s new Daxing Airport as it gets closer to its opening. China United Airlines would be the first carrier to use the new airport. Now, the airline’s first aircraft has already been ferried over.
Daxing Sci Fi Airport
Daxing Sci-Fi Airport

The largest airport in the world is Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), sometimes referred to as Beijing New Airport. Along with Beijing Capital International Airport, it serves Beijing as the city’s second international airport. The airport’s innovative architecture and prime location in Beijing’s southern suburb of Daxing District make it the ideal gateway for travelers traveling between the Chinese capital and Hebei and Tianjin. By 2021, the new mega-airport hub is projected to serve up to 45 million people annually, and it will eventually handle an amazing 100 million.

Daxing Airport is anticipated to service the requirements of the Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei regions and is situated at the border between Beijing and Langfang, Hebei Province. Its site was chosen after much consideration. Daxing Airport seeks to become the primary airport hub of the area. It is located 26 kilometers from Langfang City Center, 67 kilometers from Beijing International Airport, and 46 kilometers from Tiananmen Square.

All the details about Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), including flights (arrivals, departures, and airlines), airport facilities and services, passenger information, and transportation guides, are available on this page.

China’s most awaited airport,, which is designed like every sci-fi lover’s dream, opened on September 30, 2019. And it was just a day ahead of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic. The Beijing Daxing International Airport has every detail that you would ever imagine. The excitement is building around the new airport. According to reports, China United Airlines would be the first airline to use the new airport. The mega five-wing terminal building, designed by late British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and her Chinese partners, features the most advanced security system empowered by artificial intelligence. Daxing International Airport is ready to host travelers. Here are the five things that you must know about China’s enormous sci-fi airport.

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 Things to Know About Beijing Daxing International Airport

1 The new airport is located around 50 km south of the city of Beijing. It is positioned in the Daxing district in the city, hence the name. Besides, the location is close to the border between Beijing and the Hebei Province.

2 Daxing’s main terminal will be the world’s largest. Yes, at 7.5 million square feet, the international airport’s hexagon-shaped main terminal will be the largest single-building airport in the globe. It will boast seven runways, accommodate 620,000 flights, and also 100 million passengers per year.

3 The engineers took five years to build the Daxing International Airport. The initial phases began in 2014, and the feat has been pulled off reportedly by 8,000 workers.

A View Of Beijing'S New Daxing International Airport Under Construction In Daxing District, Beijing On April 25, 2019. Daxing International Airport Will Open At The End Of September This Year. Photo: Simon Song
A view of Beijing’s new Daxing International Airport under construction in Daxing district, Beijing on April 25, 2019. Daxing International Airport will open at the end of September this year. Photo: Simon Song

4  Unlike most airports, the security checkpoint does not have to be the end of seeing your friends and family off. If you head to the fifth floor, you can watch and wave as they go through the security and towards the gate. 

5  Another most interesting fact about this terminal is that it has been designed to accommodate more aircraft and minimize the amount of walking. As per Chinese reports, the distance from the security checkpoint to the farthest gates will take you eight minutes’ walk, approximately.

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