Celebrities who appeared in Man Vs Wild

Many celebrities like Zac Efron, Ben Stiller, Channing Tatum, etc made appearances on the 1st season of the Man Vs Wild show. Kate Winslet, Michael B. Jordan, Michelle Rodriguez, James Marsden, and then-Ex- President Obama appeared in 2ns Season.

As Man vs Wild is a well-known worldwide show, Check some high-profile celebrities who appeared in this show with Bear Grylls and learned survival tactics from Grylls.

Celebrities appeared in Man vs Wild

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi dropped a surprise for the Indians after the promotion of the upcoming episode of Man versus Wild on Discovery Channel was discharged.

Celebrities Appeared In Man Vs Wild
Celebrities appeared in Man vs Wild

In the show, PM Modi can be seen wading into the waters of the stream inside Jim Corbett’s backwoods.

On February 14, PM Modi went through certain hours with Grylls somewhere inside the backwoods of the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand to go for the scene.

Be that as it may, it was that day when the Pulwama dread assault occurred in which more than 40 jawans lost their lives.

While supporters are going gaga finding the shrouded swashbuckler in PM Modi, commentators are caught up with making jokes about him.

Responding to PM Modi’s experience promotion, a Twitter client stated, “This will without a doubt be the most-watched Man versus Wild scene ever of!! Anticipating it…”


Be that as it may, Modi isn’t just a big name who has shown up in Man VS Wild. Considerably previous USA President Barack Obama had some experience at the show with Bear Grylls. So here is the list of celebrities appeared in Man vs Wild

1. President Barack Obama 

Obama With Grylls In Mvw
Obama With Grylls in MvW

In a memorable uncommon version of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” Bear takes President Barack Obama on an undertaking in the Alaskan wilderness. Bear gives the President a genuine taste of Alaska. Their off-the-content talk uncovers the President’s considerations on his official obligations, family life at the White House, parenthood and his very own confidence.

2. Roger Federer

Federer With Grylls
Federer with grylls

Roger Federer continued “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” and the pair ascended the Swiss Alps together. On the adventure the confronted frigid cascades, and Grylls even made Federer eat fish eyeballs. They likewise had an “epic round of ping pong,” which Grylls almost got an opportunity of winning. Federer disclosed to Grylls he was way out of his customary range of familiarity and is significantly less frightened on the tennis court than over a precipice.

3. Zac Efron 

A Show Of Man Vs Wild
A show of Man vs wild with Efron

Zac Efron joined Bear Grylls on a voyage into the Northeast Appalachian wild. This voyage started as both of them parachute into the forested areas, with Grylls executing a front flip. Grylls and Efron continued by moving down an elusive slope with a rope, with Grylls helping Efron all through. Efron additionally found a hare corpse, which he and Grylls slice open to smell.

4. Ben Stiller 

Ben With Bear Grylls
Ben with Bear Grylls

Ben Stiller joined Bear Grylls on his voyage into the Isle of Skye of Northern Scotland. Both of them started by moving down a tricky landscape, utilizing ropes and encompassing rocks. Grylls made a point to move at Stiller’s pace while posing inquiries about Stiller’s experience and vocation. They at that point accumulated sustenance at a seashore and protected themselves inside a cavern, where they discovered clean water to drink.

5. Channing Tatum

Tatum In Man Vs Wild Show
Tatum in Man vs Wild show

Channing Tatum went with Bear Grylls on a 48-hour undertaking in Yosemite National Park, where they climbed, investigated, climbed, and rappelled off bluffs. Tatum and Grylls started their adventure in a helicopter ride, later hopping out and doing reverse somersaults into the water. In the wake of achieving land, they voyaged 40 miles through a thick backwoods to achieve their goal. While in the backwoods, Tatum and Grylls experienced both a scorpion and a poisonous snake, the two of which they murdered and ate. After a long last achieving their goal point, they dozed over a bluff. The scene closes as the two rappels down the bluff.

So these were some top Celebrities appeared in Man vs Wild.

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