Hindenburg Research: After Adani, Accuses Jack Dorsey company of $1B Fraud and Misleading Investors

On 23 March 2023, Morning– Investment research firm Hindenburg Research said it will soon release a new report, two months after the firm released findings that alleged India’s Adani Group engaged in a stock manipulation and accounting fraud scheme over decades. Within 12 hours of this tweet, Hinderburg released a report against Jack Dorsey’s Company BLOCK accused of $1B fraud and also misleading their investors. Hindenburg research track record is not very accurate and trustworthy till now and let’s see Hindenburg research on Block Inc is how much accurate as Block already denied the research.

“New report soon—another big one,” Hindenburg Research tweeted on 23 March 2023.

Hindenburg Research LLC is an investment research firm with a focus on activist short-selling founded by Nathan Anderson in 2017 and is based in New York City. Hindenburg research project is the world’s most questionable & Hindenburg research paper report is widely seen as a short-selling looter profiting off unethical securities fraud – not a legitimate research or investigative firm. Hindenburg research news is viral over digital media and the Internet.

Hindenburg Research on Block Inc

Hindenburg’s report claimed that Block has allowed fraudulent accounts to proliferate on cash applications, generating illegitimate revenue and exaggerating user metrics. BLOCK shares are down by 20% after release of this report.


Tech billionaire Jack Dorsey is facing scrutiny after a report accuses the payments company he leads of inflating user numbers and catering to criminals.

The firm, Block, rejected the claims, which sent its shares tumbling 20%.

The report came from short-seller Hindenburg Research, which is known for taking on high-profile targets such as Indian tycoon Gautam Adani.

The company makes money by betting shares will fall and is poised to benefit from the slide.

Jack Dorsey’s Block Company Introduction

Jack Dorsey, the former Twitter boss, and CEO of Block (formerly Square), launched his innovative payment system back in 2009 to revolutionize how small businesses handled payments. And it worked – when they took their credit card reader’s sleek white design public on the stock exchange in 2015, Block earned an impressive $3bn valuation!

Now worth more than $30bn (£24.4bn), it was renamed Block in 2021, to reflect another, fast-growing side of its business: Cash App, a payments app that was the focus of Hindenburg’s report.

Allegation on Block By Hinderburg Report

The Boss Jack Dorsey said they are exploring legal action against Hindenburg for the “factually inaccurate and misleading report“.

“We are a highly regulated public company with regular disclosures, and are confident in our products, reporting compliance programs, and controls. We will not be distracted by typical short-seller tactics.”

Hindenburg alleged Block provided misleading statistics on its users which it claimed had been linked to criminal activity such as sex trafficking.

Hindenburg’s report said, even when users were caught engaging in fraud or other prohibited activity, Block blacklisted the account without banning the user.

Jack Dorsey has always been proud of Cash App’s mainstream appeal, and a look at the hip-hop songs it features provides evidence for this. However, these tunes aren’t necessarily singing its praises: many describe using cash apps to commit fraudulent schemes or even participate in illegal activities like drug trafficking – leaving us with mixed feelings about their impact!

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In a stunning expose, Hindenburg revealed how it was shockingly easy to create fraudulent Cash App accounts in the names of two high-profile tech giants: Donald Trump and Elon Musk. Even more shocking were the public records requests that showed millions had been swindled from government pandemic relief funding through these sham accounts!

It said that reflected “key lapses” in compliance processes.

Cash App’s meteoric rise to the top of the FinTech industry was quickly followed by questions about their shady practices. Former employees have expressed concern that a culture of turning a blind eye towards criminal activity & fraud on its platform has allowed it to grow rapidly, despite flagrant disregard for Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. What will come next in this unpredictable tale? Only time can tell…

Block shares had already taken a hit due to decreased economic activity and consumer spending, while the rocky crypto market further added to its woes. Cash App may have its work cut out with these shaky underpinnings – can they manage to stay afloat?

Mr. Dorsey’s departure from Twitter in 2021 marked a new chapter for one of the most influential social media platforms, as its purchase by tech giant Elon Musk sparked major changes worth billions to their future plans.

Hindenburg Report on Adani Group

Has Adani Group crossed the ethical line in their practices? That is what recent reports are suggesting. The Hindenburg Research report, released early this year, has ignited public outrage over evidence of wrongdoing by one of India’s biggest players. Questions continue to swirl surrounding possible financial and operational misconduct as individuals across the country debate if enough is being done to hold corporations accountable for white-collar crime.

Key points of the report

Hindenburg Research has created quite a stir in the financial world with their latest report on Adani Group, an influential Indian conglomerate. The findings of this analysis have been nothing short of shocking – exposing serious issues in business practices, corporate governance, and overall performance! From dismal disclosure standards to possible conflicts of interest between related entities, could these allegations cast long shadows over what was once deemed as one of India’s strongest companies? Read further for all the key points from Forex News Now’s exclusive breakdown on this controversial new expose!

1. Business practices: The report claims that Adani has a history of controversial business practices, including environmental violations as well. It also accuses the company of using its big political connections to win favorable care from the Indian government.

2. Corporate governance: Adani Group is facing criticism for its corporate governance practices, with Hindenburg Research claiming that the company’s founder Gautam Adani holds too much control. This could potentially spell trouble for minority shareholders who are now left without a voice in matters concerning business decisions or investments within the organization. It remains to be seen how this issue will unfold and affect stakeholders of all backgrounds moving forward – but one thing is certain: it’s definitely an alarming development to keep your eye on!

3. Financial performance: Adani’s dodgy financials have been brought to light by a shocking new report. It reveals that the company has consistently exaggerated its profits and racked up big debts, raising alarm bells about their ability to deliver on promises they’ve made.

4. Port business: Adani’s port business has been controversial due to its alleged usage of political connections for unfair advantages. With the Indian government at its back, this international conglomerate continues to expand and wreak havoc in an already unstable market.

5. Environmental concerns: Hindenburg Research is sounding the alarm about Adani’s environmental track record, pointing to potential serious ecological consequences if their proposed Carmichael coal mine in Australia comes to fruition. The words ‘major risk’ should be enough for us all to take note and look more closely into this situation before irreversible damage may occur.


The Hindenburg report on Block & Adani Group has brought alarming issues to light, including concerning financial and operational practices as well questions about their environmental impact. Though the charged company holds firm that these claims are false, it is vital for investors and regulators to address them with due diligence – this case stands out in an ever-growing need for more transparency paired with a greater responsibility of companies when making decisions ethically and sustainably.

Some FAQs

Is Hindenburg Research reliable?

A former SEBI executive director recently expressed doubt about Hindenburg Research’s credibility, citing an ulterior motive and the fact that many of its accusations were already known to the public. The company is widely seen as a short-selling looter profiting off unethical securities fraud – not a legitimate research or investigative firm. Worse still, authorities are currently probing into Hindenburg Research due to issues such as lack of transparency in terms of both their origin and finances. With all this considered, it seems like investors should be steering clear!

What is Block Inc?

Block, Inc. operates as financial services and digital payments company. Block is the developer of Cash App, a mobile payment service available in the US and the UK that allows users to transfer money. This payments platform is aimed at small and medium businesses that allow them to accept credit card payments and use tablet computers as payment registers for a point-of-sale system.

What is short selling and who is Hindenburg Research?

Hindenburg Research is a short seller, which means they make money by betting against stocks and profiting from their decline. They do this by taking short positions on the stocks or companies they believe are overvalued or engaged in fraudulent behavior.

What is there in Hindenburg latest report on Block?

Block has been under scrutiny for its alleged involvement in the questionable behind-the-scenes activity. Hindenburg Research recently reported that the company had enabled an environment where fraudulent accounts could thrive, resulting in increased illicit profits and arguably artificial user statistics.

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