Sargam Koushal of India wins Mrs World 2022 title after 21 years

Sargam Koushal, a 23-year-old from India, won the Mrs World 2022 title at the competition held in Sanya, China. Sargam’s victory marks the first time in 21 years that an Indian woman has taken home this prestigious title.

In the last round of her competition, Sargam stunned both the audience and the judges with her poise and grace as she answered their questions with confidence about world culture and current events. Her commitment to making a difference in the world was evident throughout the entire event, which ultimately resulted in Sargam being crowned Miss World 2022.

Mrs World 2022
mrs world 2022 sargam koushal

Her Way to Mrs World 2022

Sargam is particularly passionate about women’s rights issues, believing “all women should be given equal opportunities regardless of their location, religion, or social status.” Sargam wants to use her newfound platform to help put an end to gender-based violence and discrimination around the world.

Throughout Sargam’s journey, her friends and family back home in India gave her a lot of help. Sargam thanked everyone who sent her good wishes while she was competing for Miss World 2022. She said, “I could not have won without the love of my family and friends, which is always there for me.”

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Sargam Koushal is now officially crowned Mrs World 2022 winner, bringing an end to a 21-year wait for India and making Sargam a role model for young women everywhere who are striving to make a difference in the world. Sargam’s victory is a good reminder that anything is possible if you are willing to work and remain passionate about your cause.

Congratulations Sargam! We wish you all the best on your journey ahead as Miss World 2022!

We hope Sargam Koushal’s success will encourage more Indian women to participate in this prestigious event and make their voices heard globally. The world of beauty pageants could use more Sargams—iinspiring young women who are determined to make a mark for themselves and for their countries! Congratulations, Sargam, once again!

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We are thrilled that Sargam Koushal is the new Miss World 2022, and we look forward to seeing her make an impact throughout her reign. Her voice is full of strength, resilience, and hope, all of which will help Sargam make a difference in the world that will last. Congratulations Sargam! We know you will represent India with grace and dignity. Good luck!

Here are the full Mrs world 2022 results:

Some Related FAQs

  1. Who has become the winner of Mrs World 2022?

    Sargam Koushal of India wins Mrs World 2022 title. India won this title after 21 years.

  2. How to vote for Mrs World 2022?

    There are three ways to vote for your favorite contestant…
    1. You have to Click on “Vote For Me” on the contestant’s page of the Miss World official Website:
    2. You have to Like their Official Miss World Contestant FB Page.
    3. Follow and Vote for them on their official contestant account on a app named: MobStar App.

  3. Does Mrs World get paid?

    Miss World winner gets about $1.5 million as cash.
    A salary for 1 year.
    She will get a lot of free clothes and other awesome beauty products.
    Free traveling across the world, including hotel accommodation and food.
    Access to exclusive events, parties, premieres, screenings, castings, and more.
    Ger A team of assistants, makeup artists, and more.
    The apartment for one year stays free.
    She Becomes the brand ambassador of the Miss World Organization and travels around the world for free.

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