The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may finally be solved

One of the world’s greatest mysteries, The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may have at long last discovered a clarification. This strange location is in North Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

The Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle. The Weird Location Is Shown In Image
The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle. The Strange location is shown in image

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley. The mystery of Bermuda Triangle includes many stories. like that of Flight 19, a gathering of 5 U.S. torpedo planes that vanished in the Triangle in 1945. A plane sent to search for them also got vanished. Other stories include the secret of USS Cyclops, bringing about the biggest non-battle death toll in U.S. Naval force’s history. The ship with a group of 309 disappeared in 1918. Indeed, even as of late as 2015, El Faro, a cargo transport with 33 people on board vanished in the territory.

Documented evidence indicates that a significant percentage of the incidents were fake, inaccurately reported, or corrected by later authors.  The most likely theories involve geography, not aliens or angry Atlantians.

So as far as we know, in the Bermuda Triangle, 75 planes and several boats lost. Possible reasons for the disasters have been suggested after some time. Extending from the paranormal, electromagnetic impedance causes compass issues, horrible climate, the intake stream, and substantial undersea fields of methane.

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NASA Theory:

 Meteorologists have proposed an interesting hypothesis. The reason behind overrunning the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle region is strange hexagonal fogs making 170 mph air bombs loaded with the wind. And because this air takes causes all the cruelty, sinking boats and bringing down planes.

NASA satellite theory: the researchers claimed that some of these fogs achieve 20 to 55 miles over. Waves inside these breeze beasts can reach as high as 45 feet. What’s progressive – is because the fogs have straight edges.

As told by Colorado State University’s satellite meteorologist Dr. Steve Miller to Science Channel’s “What on Earth”: “You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds. Most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.”

What’s special about that?

Meteorologist Randy Cerveny added: “The satellite imagery is really strange. These types of hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs. They are formed by what are called microbursts And they’re blasts of air. So They come down out of the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean and create waves. The waves that can sometimes be massive in size as they start to interact with each other.”

Here’s the Science Channel interview:

Anything inside air bombs could exceptionally all around bumped out of the air, flipped over, sunk. More perception is expected to affirm this hypothesis. that could at long last clarify a significant number of the well-known Bermuda Triangle occasions. Researchers are poring over satellite symbolism to disclose the Mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

“According to Lloyd’s of London and the US Coastguard,” he said, “The number that go missing in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere in the world on a percentage basis.”

Obviously, not every person is satisfied, with a few specialists, saying that hexagonal fogs additionally happen in different parts of the world. But there’s no confirmation about abnormal vanishings occuring so frequently in the Bermuda Triangle territory than somewhere else. So this was all about the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

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