Former US President Donald Trump’s association with LIV Golf is under scrutiny in a larger investigation as the Department of Justice

AG Garland Plays a Game of Chicken with Trump And Loses. The inquiry into how former President Donald Trump handled classified documents after leaving office is gaining momentum. It may leave us wondering, what is the connection with a game of golf?

Concerning the raid that the FBI conducted at Mar-a-Largo, there has been a great deal of misunderstanding, and in some instances, plain lies have been spread.

AG Garland’s Statement on the Proud Boys Verdicts

The warrant for the raid is public now, and it doesn’t mention any nuclear documents. The affidavit that obtained the warrant is hitherto confidential. Initially, Garland suggested releasing the affidavit, but the Department of Justice changed its plans after President Trump took an interest in it. When the President formally requested the affidavit to be released, the Department of Justice (DOJ) submitted a motion to prevent it.

President Trump, the primary focus of this investigation, is entitled to the alleged document that was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant against him. Rumor has it that an insider source at Mar-a-Largo was providing testimony that gave probable cause to search the estate, but the Department of Justice’s decision to keep the affidavit secret seems questionable. This is especially true because Merrick Garland, who has previously displayed a willingness to publish all documentation, is at the helm.

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Is it possible that this affidavit could reveal the DOJ had no valid reason to conduct a search? Who affirmed the document’s accuracy? Were they actually an “inside source,” or was it someone else entirely?

Remember, this is the same FBI that used a phony “dossier” from Hillary Clinton as an excuse to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign. Unless this document is made available to the public, we have no way of determining whether this investigation was conducted legitimately or not.

It’s clear that those on the left have tried to discredit and smear Donald Trump in the past. Given that the Department of Justice is part of an administration controlled by Democrats, we must approach everything with a hint of skepticism. Perhaps the department didn’t anticipate that President Trump would request the warrant and affidavit be disclosed. It seems they’re unable to take action at this time.

However, the judge who will be making the final decision is the same one who authorized the warrant, thus he or she is biased. It’s possible that he would prefer it if we didn’t tell anyone about this affidavit. However, there is some evidence that suggests the secret has already been revealed.

Trump National Golf Club in Washington D.C. is all set to host the first round of LIV Golf on May 26-28. The golf tour will then travel to Trump National Bedminster for the next round on Aug. 11-13, followed by Trump National Doral for the third round on Oct. 20-22. The event will conclude in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia, on Nov. 3-5. Stay tuned for the exciting rounds of LIV Golf at some of the world’s most iconic golf courses!

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