The Success of Chandrayaan 3

India's Chandryaan 3 Landed Successfully on Moon's Surface on 23Aug, 2023


Timeline and Launch Details Of Chandrayaan 3 Mission

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Announcement and Preparations

– July 6, 2023: ISRO reveals Chandrayaan-3’s launch date as July 14, from Sriharikota’s secondary pad.


Launch and Initial Orbits

– July 14, 2023: Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft launched with LVM3 M4 vehicle, achieving designated orbit.


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Lunar Orbit Insertion

– August 1, 2023: Chandrayaan-3 inserted into translunar orbit (288 km x 369,328 km).


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Orbit Adjustments

– August 9, 2023: Chandrayaan-3’s trajectory adjusted to maintain lunar orbit of 174 km x 1,437 km.


– August 20, 2023: Orbit set at 134 km x 25 km, representing farthest and nearest lunar points.

Final Lunar Orbit and Landing Preparation

– August 17, 2023: Separation of landing module (Vikram lander and Pragyan rover) from propulsion system.


– August 20, 2023: Chandrayaan-3’s orbit adjusted to 134 km x 25 km.

Lunar Touchdown Phase

– August 23, 2023: Anticipated lunar touchdown initiation at 5:47 pm IST, with soft landing planned for 6:04 pm IST.


Set of Records by Chandryaan 3

India the first country to successfully land a spacecraft near the lunar south pole

Fourth country to soft-land on the Moon

Sets a Record of Most Viewed Youtube Streaming

8 Million watched the live stream of the landing of Chandrayaan-3