RCB is Now in the list of Top 5 Popular Sports Teams Worldwide

​”Winning trophies isn’t as important as winning hearts,” RCB fans exclaim after their team is named one of the top five most popular sports clubs in the world.

The most popular Indian sports team on Instagram is the Royal Challengers Bangalore, which is also the only one from India in the top 5 popular sports teams or clubs with the most interactions on Facebook. The other four teams are all football clubs, with Real Madrid leading the list.


  • Royal Challengers Bangalore is the most popular Indian sports club on Instagram according to the latest research.

RCB found a place among football clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United giants

RCB is one of the most popular IPL franchises alongside Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians owing to Virat Kohli’s presence

The Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most well-known IPL clubs. Despite their failure to win an IPL title, RCB has built a large following. Now diehard RCB fans are going crazy over a report from sports management firm Deportes & Finanzas. According to this study, in 2022, RCB was among the five most popular sports teams on Instagram. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid rank above them in terms of popularity for iconic football teams.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise achieved this unique feat of being the only Indian sports team in the top five of the most popular Instagram accounts of 2022. The Indian cricket hero Virat Kohli’s RCB is among four football clubs that secured the remaining spaces for sporting teams with the most interactions on social media sites.

RCB had 948 million interactions in a private survey by a social media analytics firm, which is the most for any Indian sports team. RCB is one of the world’s most popular cricket teams and has been part of the IPL since its inception, with Virat Kohli as a captain who has played for just one franchise for over 15 years in India’s T20 League.


RCB has had several great cricketers like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, and Dale Steyn play for it. In fact, Kohli is still with the Bengaluru-based team. RCB’s IPL performance has been below par due to an uneven squad, haphazard pairings, severe inconsistency, and a history of choking in tight contests.

Most popular teams in the world:

In 2022, Real Madrid had 2.09 billion interactions on Instagram and is the most popular sports team in the world. Also, it is the most popular sports franchise in the world, followed by FC Barcelona with 1.78 billion hits despite the fact that World Cup winner Lionel Messi departed for Argentina’s national team in January 2019. Paris Saint-Germain has also experienced a significant rise in popularity as a result of Messi’s arrival at the club (1.07 billion interactions on Instagram).

Manchester United was one of the most prominent clubs in recent years owing to its disputes over the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. The arrival of new manager Eric ten Hag and rumors surrounding CR7’s future with the club increased their popularity even more, as they came third with 1.41 billion comments after finishing second in the position last season (1.40 billion).

Top 10 most popular sports teams in the world


What are the top 5 most popular sports?

Field Hockey

What is the most popular sports team?

Real Madrid remains in the pole position with more than 2 billion interactions on Instagram.

What are the 10 popular sports in the world?

1. Football – 3.5 Billion Followers
2. Cricket – 2.5 Billion Followers
3. Basketball – 2.4 Billion Followers
4. Hockey – 2 Billion followers
5. Tennis – 1 Billion Followers
6. Badminton – 950 Million Followers
7. Volleyball – 900 Million Followers
8. Table Tennis – 875 Million followers
9. Baseball – 500 Million Followers
10. Rugby – 475 Million Followers

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