A Funny Trending Video of a Punjabi Lading Asking for Day off

Punjabi lady in London requests an early release on Dussehra, saying to the manager, "Ravan was really powerful, Richard." Watch this funny trending video in this article.

The woman can be heard in the popular video speaking in sweet combination of Punjabi and English as she explains the folklore around Dussehra.

When friends and family share pictures and videos of celebrations, Indian expats find it impossible to refuse. They attempt to replicate holidays in the nation they now reside in because they miss the holidays of their home country.

Online admirers have been moved by a Punjabi woman’s passion for Dussehra and her plea that her management give her time off so she may go home and eat pakoras. The woman can be heard in the popular video speaking in a sweet combination of Punjabi and English as she explains the folklore around Dussehra.
“Can we go home early today please,” the lady can be heard pleading with her manager Richard. She speaks in a mixture of poor English and Punjabi about eating pakodas. “We cook pakodey at home, eat it, and spend time with the family.

Watch the full funny trending video here:

She explains, “Dussehra is… about legendary figures Ram, Ravan, and Sita and the tale behind the celebration.

God Ram slays Ravan, puts an end to wickedness. Although Ravan was a wicked guy, he was a kind man who was wealthy and powerful, but he abused his position like these guys.

“Ravan was extremely powerful Richard..yeah, he had 10 heads, twenty arms, but he kidnapped mata sita god ram’s wife,” she continues. terrible Richard

“So when God Ram became enraged, he travelled to Lanka, where Hanumanji burned the island while God Ram killed Ravan. Ravan was a highly conceited individual; nevertheless, before abusing his position of authority, he was a kind guy. Ravan’s brother informed God Ram that his brother’s death was secret since it was concealed in the belly button by a bow and arrow. Therefore, Lord Ram shot himself in the belly button with a bow and arrow. So today is the funeral for Ravan. This is the rationale for Dussehra,” she says in drawing a conclusion. After telling the tale, she jokes, “too much English,” adding that pakoras are eaten even on Christmas.

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