30 Feelings Only Convent School Girls Understand

Didn’t we all just lovvveeee school? Life wasn’t so complicated back then, and the biggest concern in the world was to get through exams. But if you studied in a convent school, then your school life has been another roller coaster ride altogether! We are pretty sure you will be traveling down memory lane in no time after you read these things that only a convent student would get!

Convent School Life
convent school life

Here are a few feelings that Only a Convent School Girls Understands:

1. Each morning you longed to wear cosmetics or patch up your uniform…

2. Notwithstanding when you knew you’d be torn to shreds by the sisters amid the morning get-together’s normal uniform check.

3. You looked your adorable self till you were in the region of the “sibling” school…

4. Also, once you were inside your building, you didn’t give a poo any longer on the grounds that there’s no(boy)dy to stress over.

5. To such an extent that you didn’t reconsider before straightforwardly hurling clean napkins over the classroom.

6. You generally utilized periods as a reason to skirt your PT classes…

7. Be that as it may, you wound up running an additional round in light of the fact that your PT instructor is a lady as well.

8. Amid each get together you’d ask why you needed to sit on floor when your school could manage the cost of comfortable seats…

9. Or on the other hand, why it was mandatory to convey songbooks to the get-together when you had been singing similar psalms all your life?

10. Indeed, “Our Father in Heaven” is so profoundly dug in that you serenade it more than your own particular religion’s supplications.

11. What’s more, this is something else that never leaves:

12. Oddly enough, individuals assume you’re refined and all-around mannered.

14. Honestly, you spent a large portion of the day discovering approaches to stuff sustenance into your mouth without getting captured.

15. What’s more, did I specify how kids from different schools right away idea you were an entitled bitch since you talked about culminating in English?

16. Your dialect aptitudes were predominant, predominantly in light of the fact that you got fined in the event that you didn’t speak English.

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17. You took more value education classes than sex education.

18. Furthermore, this is the reason you knew no less than one young lady in your class who figured kissing could get her pregnant.

19. Your zero periods were spent generally instructing each other about the human life systems that you gained from subtly watching porn.

20. The main time your educators dragged you to interface with your contraceptive sex was amid social hits on the dance floor with the “sibling” school.

21. What’s more, that was likewise the time when, rather than winning hearts, you were acting like a consummately cumbersome potato.

22. You always dribbled at whatever point you noticed heavenly nourishment cooking inside the religious woman’s compound.

23. You had for a long time been itching to peep under a cloister adherent’s propensity to look at their hairdo, yet never set out to do so on the grounds that you feared this:

24. Amid exams, you made a point to visit your nearby basilica twice—for the most part when you spoiled your exams.

26. At whatever point you saw a boyish girl young lady and a “girly young lady” together, you accepted them to be a couple since you were a gigantic nitwit.

27. News of the male species going by school for a between-school rivalry spread speedier than the speed of light itself.

28. You were constantly more energized for Christmas than some other Indian celebrations since that implied a long excursion.

29. You dressed as Santa, Joseph, or Jesus amid school plays at any rate once.

30. Running far from this prison, a.k.a school, entered your thoughts much too often.

31. Yet, when you left it for good, you missed the place you called your second home.

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